Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Of The Unknown Americans '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Of The Unknown Americans '

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After reading The Book of the Unknown Americans, I realized how difficult immigrating to the United States can be. I am an immigrant also, so just reading the story makes me relate to many problems immigrants experience relocating to a different country. Immigrants often face many issues and difficulties, but for some it is all worth it, but for others there comes a point in time where they have to go back to their hometown. Alma and Arturo Rivera came to the United States to better their life, but also so that Maribel could attend a special education school. While Arturo had a job things had gone well for the family, but once Arturo lost the job and passed away the two of them had to go back because they felt that that was the best option for them. Reading this book made me realize how strong an individual has to be to leave their own country and relocate somewhere else not knowing if this will better your life or cause one to suffer.
When they first arrived to the United States their only hopes were that they would have a better life and that there were better special education programs for Maribel to attend at Evers. Alma imagined that the buildings would look a lot nicer than they really were. The family was surprised that they could take things from the street that someone threw out of their house, but were in working condition. When they arrived they didn’t think that you would actually have to learn English to be able to communicate, but after going to stores and interacting with people they learned that they need to learn English if they want to live in America. They hoped that you could be able to afford anything in America by working, but based off of the money Arturo was making they learned that you can’t buy everyth...

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...alize that not everyone is the same and that there are good people in this world.
I don’t think Alma’s decision to return to Mexico was a great one. She should have stayed and applied for another Visa, went and applied for assistance, and talked to an individual who could talk and help her with her current situation. I think the different voices throughout the story affect the main story because all of them have had some kind of negative experience. It poses many questions because you wonder how all Mexicans feel when they come to the United States, what makes them leave their families and come to the United States, do many of them return? I think reading The Book of the Unknown Americans, helps open up one’s eyes and realize that these individuals have faced so many problems coming to the United States that they shouldn’t face more here by being discriminated.

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