Analysis Of The Book ' Norman Stillman ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' Norman Stillman ' Essay example

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It is Sunday morning usually a day for relaxation for people that work Monday through Friday. Jewish and Christian people refer to this sacred day as the Sabbath, it is the day where the almighty took rest and instructed the rest of children to do the same as well. In the essay I will analyze a proclamation from the book of Norman Stillman “Jews of the Arab lands in Modern time” called “The Rabbis of Aleppo Pronounce A Ban of Anathema Upon Sabbath Desecrators” and argue about how the Jewish Rabbis and scholars of Aleppo looked heavily upon their people who went against resting on the Sabbath day and do not see other circumstances.
Shulhan Arukh is an Jewish law book, which is known by most Jewish believers as the “Code of Jewish Law”. Rabbi Joseph Karo the author of the Shulan Arukh ruled, “The Sabbath desecrator is to considered as a Gentile in all things.” Rabbi Joseph basically is indicating that if a Jewish believer breaks the Sabbath code they are no longer considered Jewish. Even though the Sabbath is a rest day from all work in the Jewish law it does not mean that a Jewish person cannot perform what needs to be done. An example would be if in Aleppo, Syria a women is pregnant and ready to give birth a Jewish doctor cannot bypass the operation due to the day being Sabbath even though the doctor is working no where in the bible or the Talmud says that all jobs must be continued the following day. If a Rabbi performs a activity on the Sabbath such as a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding wouldn’t he be guilty of being a desecrator of the Sabbath as well? This would also make this person forbidden from the religion due to Rabbis.
The proclamation also mentions that if a person does go against the rule of the Sabbath day

“They have to c...

... middle of paper ...

...o them it would be a different story maybe the laws would be completely different. This proclamation we see is just a way of the Rabbis showing off their power and telling others that they are still in control in a sense they are not outright writing that, but they are indicating that they do have that power to remove you.
In conclusion the proclamation is written against the Jewish people that did certain acts on the Sabbath. Also the consequence that they will face due to the wrongful act that has been done. They proclamation does not see other circumstances or other incidents that can happen and led to a false accusation of a faithful Jewish believer. It also targets not only the person of the act, but also the family members of the person such as the son. The Rabbis also show that they have a voice and their voice is just as powerful as the Torah or Shulan Arukh.

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