Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Metamorphosis ' By Franz Kafka

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Metamorphosis ' By Franz Kafka

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Gregor’s Guilt
Guilt can kill even the strongest people. In the book Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa chose to isolate himself from society because of his busy life and job. This book is viewed off of the term existentialism in which every choice one makes will affect them in one way or another in the future. Through this job, his family, and the transformation Gregor experiences a large amount of guilt. Gregor did not like his job but due to the fact that he felt the need to support his family, Gregor continued on with his career as long as he could. There are many causes as to why he feels this guilt, and many effects that are put on his family as well. Existentialism is shown throughout the story on how Gregor devoted much of his life to working and helping his family out with nothing in return, all of this was done by choice. Change is an essential part of one’s life.
After encountering his metamorphosis Gregor went through a long lasting feeling of guilt. Unable to support his family anymore and being dependent on them Gregor was helpless. As a hardworking man who continuously supported his family and brought money in for them, Gregor felt a sense of shame due to the fact that he would be unable to send his sister to the music college that she wanted so badly to go to. He was also unable to provide for his family any longer which also brought him down. Gregor ended up going from this studious man to an ugly insect that no one wanted to look at. The morning he first woke up he had multiple thin legs, a hard back, and a belly that was divided up into separate parts. Everything in Gregor’s life changed in a blink of an eye and it was something that he could not control. When Gregor first speaks he notices that his v...

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...until the tower clock struck three in the morning. He still saw that outside the window everything was beginning to grow light. Then, without his consent, his head sank down to the floor, and from his nostrils streamed his last weak breath” (22). He believes that if he died it would take all of their pain away. This concept ties in to existentialism through the fact that he was in control of his own death. Gregor chose to die on his own consensus.
Gregor’s life falls apart because of circumstances that he could not control. He felt guilty and sulked rather than try to cope with his situation. This guilt directly caused his family to resent him and feel relieved when Gregor died, so they would not have to deal with him any longer. If only Gregor had tried to cope and to fix the correct situation at hand, maybe the story could have ended with a different outcome.

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