Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Life 's Bouquet '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Life 's Bouquet '

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In the book “Life’s Bouquet” Dr. Boilini describes her life as a garden filled with flowers and weeds. So of her flowers were weeds in disguise and some of her weeds were really flowers mistaken for weeds. Only in examining her life she discovered that she had been influenced by the people in her life. She learned from her weeds and flowers, some passed out of her life quietly, others were torn from her garden; all of them affected her. My life is not a garden. I am incapable of growing a plant successfully. I my life I see wildflowers and weeds. Only the strong stay in the meadow of my life. A sweeping green sea of grass generously decorated with wildflowers and weeds. Many people have influenced my life some more than others and not all of them were positive. However, who I am today would not be possible without them; flowers, weeds, and at least one fungus. My parents were like most people a major influence on me.
Southern and beautiful, my mother was a Magnolia. She taught me to be kind and generous and respectful. She was the center of my early life and is still there when I ne...

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