Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Lies My Teacher Told Me '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Lies My Teacher Told Me '

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hroughout out of our years in school, that we are taught about world history, and how the history book always glorify Christopher Columbus as a hero, or the greatest explorers of all time. However, as I read chapter two of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen, I was asking myself, whether or not Christopher Columbus should be considered as a hero? Based on the first four chapters of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” and my own experience, I have found out how history text books portrayed Christopher Columbus as a role model and turn Helen Keller into ignorance of the student. However, how many students know any inconvenient fact about Christopher Columbus; who Helen Keller was.
In the first chapter of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me” James W. Loewen had mentioned about the word Heroification(p11)- it defines as “ it is a degenerative process(much like calcification) that makes people over into heroes. Through this process, our educational media turn flesh-and-blood individuals into pious, perfect creatures without conflicts, pain, credibility, or human interest” In this phrase, the word “heroification” is described as a role model, and especially in this chapter, the author is trying to say that is the American people or American text book make heroes into a very common form-which is ordinary people. In this chapter, James W. Loewen is blaming how the high school text book usually left out the hidden truths about their heroes and how about counterpart, the fighting woman who had been omitted and deserved to be acknowledged by more students.
First of all, as I had mentioned above, the first chapter of the book is about the woman Helen Keller and how did she had been treated and became ignorance to the student...

... middle of paper ...

...ause they all are not real heroes, they did not treat the other as a human being, they are not considered to be a “heroification”. In addition, what am I trying to say is not just the American and Vietnamese high school text books omitted information about their role model but I think the entire high school text book in the other countries also hiding the inconvenient truths to their students.

In conclusion, I am totally agreed with James W. Loewen that all of the history textbook should tell all sides of the stories about their heroes, they should tell the good side about someone, but also telling the student about the negative side of the heroes or any stories. “Don’t believe what you read.” Don’t trust all of the stories about something or someone, be selective and make a research before judging or honor anyone before you really know all of the facts about that.

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