Analysis Of The Book ' Leading With The Heart ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Leading With The Heart ' Essay

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“Leaders instill respect for authority by having a caring attitude, by being direct, by communicating regularly and by being honest!” (Mike Krzyzewski). The book “Leading with the Heart,” is one about leadership, how you earn it, how you practice it, and how you are to use it to make your organization a successful one. Coach K talks about the importance of trust, communication, pride, and the commitment the leader of an organization must have to make his team. He goes on to state that “leadership is ongoing, adjustable, flexible and dynamic. Leaders must stay on their toes, being that anything can occur during the year. Krzyzewski also mentions the competitive fire the leader must bring day in and day out to keep his players, and or staff in it to win it.
This novel is a must read for those leaders looking for tips and advantages to take his organization to the next level. Coach K gives various pointers and advice that are beneficial to all who are a part of an organization. He states in this book that leaders have to earn the right to be demanding by simply being the understanding individual who did not forget where they started from. Coach K mentions how your personal life problems can affect how you work with others at your work place. I love that Coach Krzyzewski mentions things about his own personal life. He gave tips on ways to not let the personal things in your life hinder your work life. He went on to provide his readers with many scenarios from previous basketball games over his career to help relate things that are more than likely to take place inside the work place.
In a classic sense, this book can be viewed as one that is not well written, because of some of the run-on sentences; it is meant to be read as if th...

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... to handle different scenarios and situations. Coach K teaches you how to handle those different things that will occur during your season. I believe that being a situational leader helps you become the transformational leader; the other leadership style Krzyzewski mentions in the novel. Both leadership styles complement one another being the situations you deal with help you transform you team and staff into a well-oiled machine. I recommend anyone that has a future in leadership to read this great informational book. With Coach K winning 5 National Championships, 12 Final Four Regional Championships, 13 ACC Tournament Championships and 3-time Naismith College Coach of the Year; his resume speaks for itself, you can only imagine the vital information you can gain from someone of his caliber . He is a prime example of what it means to showcase exceptional leadership.

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