Analysis Of The Book ' King Of Tree '

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Ah Cheng’s book, King of Tree, gives reader a firsthand experience at the Chinese Cultural Revolutions in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The most interesting thing about the book is it gives the reader the point view of Cheng, but barely mention about the cultural revolutions directly in the book. This means he left reader to interpret his writing for themselves and draw any conclusion they want. Narrator was critical and as the same time forgiving for this period. Narrator is critical about his life style during Cultural Revolution and he is critical why he is teaching school when he is not qualified to be a teacher. On other hand he is forgiving for this period because he does not mention it by name. First, Narrator was critical about his life style during this period. Narrator life was difficult at the begging of Cultural Revolution; his family was arrested and killed by the government, because they speak out against government, government took all of his family property so he grow up as orphan child (Cheng 59). During this time narrator don’t have anything to eat, sometimes he stay...

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