Analysis Of The Book ' Kid Returns ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Kid Returns ' Essay

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Summary of Case Study
The setting of the case study is August 15, 2010, 21 years since Danny’s incident. Kid returns to St. Charles, Missouri to meet Danny for the first time in 21 years. Zach notices that the relationship between Danny and Kid is deeper than he thought. Danny, remembering the promise Kid made him to return for him, is adamant on leaving the “river rat” life and going with Kid to Indianapolis. Zach seems reluctant to just let his father leave everything he has established in Missouri, such as his medical care and disability compensation. Kid reassures Zach that he will handle the matters and that it is now Zach’s turn to be a young man and not have to worry about his father. Danny reassures Zach that he is relieved of caring for him, he then thanks him for never leaving his side. After departing from Kid and his father, Zach calls his mother and addresses the relationship between his father and kid. Just as Laura learned herself, she then imparted wisdom on Zach, “ill will about the situation takes too much energy.” Kid calls Laura and apologizes for sleeping with Danny without her knowledge, she acknowledges the apology and they fair each other a good life. Kid reassures Danny that he will never fall back on promises again, and that this time he did the right thing and didn’t vanish.
From a Social Worker’s Prospective
Transitioning to a new lifestyle and attempting to rekindle a relationship after a long lapse in time can be difficult. I think it is important that Kid and Danny address this through being proactive and seeking counseling. When a relationship rekindles after such a lapse in time, the first stages are easy, this is called the “honeymoon” stage. Considering Kid has been independent and not had to ca...

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... creative and purposeful in maintaining the couple through difficult times (Bigner & Wetchler, 2004).
Using psychoeducation to inform Danny and Kid on hardships they may encounter can be beneficial to the longevity and healthiness of their relationship. Gay couples are typically resilient when confronted with challenges of being a same sex couple. According to Rutter (2011), “Confronting stereotypes together, working collaboratively to present themselves to the broader population as a health loving couple and navigating the day-to-day stressor often found in all couples, is most usually accompanied by wit, or a playful ability to laugh at the problem/stressor in tandem” (p. 39). This assist therapy with gay men to include this strength – to use humor to confront the issues collaboratively and healthily, therefore, strengthening the bond when they ‘‘poke fun’’ at it.

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