Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Kent Haruf '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Kent Haruf '

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In his final book, Kent Haruf demonstrates many relatable situations, one dealing with two individuals who do something unconventional for themselves against the setting of the community. A community, in this case is a link between spouses, kids, family, neighbors or strangers in the town. Haruf proves that in life, individual subjectivity, desire, and will is often neglected when making decisions with others best interests in mind rather than our own. The best-selling novelist expresses this in a way that sacrifices made to please others around us, deprive us of passions in life, true love and happiness.
Haruf expresses the idea of individual versus community in a way that it often deprives us of our passions and ambitions. The character Louis is deprived when he abandons his creative passion for literature and poetry to be teacher. “I wanted to be a poet. I don’t think anyone but Diane knew that.” (93). His love for the literary work is so special to him, that he keeps it to himself and isolates himself from the rest of the world with it. This just demonstrates how much he loved it, he wanted to keep it all to himself. This says a lot about how special it really was to him. His late wife Diane didn’t like Louis’ original ambition and did not support him. This was a big sacrifice Louis was making. He knew what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be but Diane was restricting him from blossoming into what he wanted to be, telling him what he should be. Louis, being an easily influenced man, lets Diana win this battle. “ Maybe it was a threat to her of some kind. I think she was jealous of my feeling about it and about the time it took me away to myself, being isolated and private.” (95). Louis tries to make reason of Diane’s domi...

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..., Gene would punish Jamie. Addie sacrifices her happiness to keep Jamie happy. She knows that with time, Jamie will get over losing Louis but she cant allow him to lose her; she cannot allow herself to lose him. Through all this, she is deeply saddened to lose her special connect with Louis as this summer, she found true happiness, with Louis and Jamie.
Haruf successfully proves that in life, individual subjectivity, desire, and will is often neglected when making decisions with others best interests in mind rather than our own. Haruf demonstrates that individualism threatens the stable social order and community well being through Louis’ relationship with Tamara, Louis’ passion for poetry and finally, Addie’s happiness. They are deprived of what completes them and stripped of their individuality to conform to community notions and those of the people around them.

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