Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Kairos '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Kairos '

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Kairos is a religious retreat that is four days and three nights. This story begins my junior year of highschool when my best friend just got back from this trip, she told me that she could not explain what this trip meant to her, and that I needed to go on it. I decided to sign up not knowing what I was getting myself into. A few days letter I learned that she was going to be a leader on my Kairos, having my best friend on this journey with me was a blessing in disguise. This experience was the most life cherishing trip I have even been on. Kairos means, “God 's Time”, where you are at a retreat camp, without any connection to the outside world. This is a time where you can discover things about yourself that you never knew. The retreat enables you to become closer with your community without any pressure from the outside world. The first night you are split into small groups with a leader who guides you through this special journey. The director stands up in front of the whole group of seventy young adults and explains our assignment of this trip. We were told to dig deep and discover something about our lives that we were afraid to share and share it to our group. Now you can imagine everyones mood after that, the room felt like someone was just shot in front of us, no one was moving or talking. After going through this journey with everyone on my Kairos was an amazing experience because I ended up having a new outlook on life, a positive one. After a few months passed, I got a call from the director of the retreat asking me to be a leader on the next fall Kairos. This very moment I could not even respond because my voice was shaking so much. I have never felt more proud of myself in my entire life, this feeling I felt was some...

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...subject, which helped the healing process significantly. After that was accomplished we started a girls group at our school. This is where we could help incoming freshman feel more welcome at our school, ask us questions, and get to know familiar faces around our campus. These meetings were held in our Student Activity Center, we prepared a lot for these events. Seeing our community come together at such a difficult time, makes me proud that I had an active role in making our society just that much better. The skills that I learned during this time, made me want to understand more about marketing. Starting out with a little idea of making a club turned into a force to be reckoned with just because I was so passionate about it. I love to see people happy, and that is how my idea started in the first place. I want people to see the positives of life not the negatives.

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