Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Justinian The Last Roman Emperor ' By G.p. Baker

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Justinian The Last Roman Emperor ' By G.p. Baker

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Theodora (500AD-548AD) was the daughter of a circus animal keeper named Acacius and sister of two girls named Comito and Anastasia. Following Acacius death, his widow remarried hoping her new husband would help her manage the circus. In addition, to help take care of her daughters. Despite Theodora’s mother attempt to keep the circus management, a man named Asterius, who was the Greens’ Dancing-master successful, removed Theodora’s mom and her husband from the office.
Having not too much power left, Theodora’s Mother decided to embellish her little daughters; She had them supplicating for a job. Once each of the girls started growing and become more attractive, the mother would send them to stage to perform.
Theodora began her career on stage being her oldest sister Comito’s assistant and once she became physical developed enough, she stole the show. Theodora was a very seductive and attractive woman who the men would die to spend a night with.
On the book “Justinian The Last Roman Emperor” by G.P. Baker, there was a paragraph describing Theodora’s physical features, which caught my attention; He says that Theodora was, “a little woman, with the face we see upon ancient Greek vases-pale, soft, large-eyed, with long sweeping lashes and blue-black wavy hair. But her physical beauty was the least thing about her. Over and above that, she shared to the full those characteristics we can still detect in the women of the Greek vases-a mischievous and imp-like brilliance, a quickness and cleverness and charm, of the kind which will hypnotize men into swearing that even a plain woman is the loveliest thing God made. She had a sense of humor, and she was as quick on the nail as most women are, who have to fight their way in the world” (p....

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...oman of that time? A Roman Empress, a ruler?
Theodora was an example of a strong woman who overcame numerous obstacles starting in her early years. She was also a great impact on Romans civilization, especially for the women. No matter what I read about Theodora on all of the books, especially the negativity towards her coming from Procopius, makes me lose any kind of admiration and respect for her. I’m certain she went through struggles and had to fight battles, sometimes a war per say, to achieve what she achieved. And she did. She had an amazing husband who supported her on most of her political and personal life decisions and also, who was the only person that believed in her talent. He didn’t see Theodora as a courtesan but instead, he saw her cleverness and self-confidence which was what he needed to complete him as a man and an emperor. And she did indeed.

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