Analysis Of The Book ' I Love Dollars : And Other Stories Of China Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' I Love Dollars : And Other Stories Of China Essay

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It is common knowledge that communist countries often do not keep their promise of utopia for the common man, abundance and equality for all. China in the 1900s, as described in I Love Dollars: And Other Stories of China, published in 2007, is no exception. The story takes place in a power plant factory in which many workers experience a living hell of corruption on a daily basis. The government does not care for the workers, and for one of them, Xie Weigang, even leaving the factory is a difficult task. According to Jonathan Spence, Zhu Wen, the author of the aforementioned book, “is from a third generation. He was born in 1967, at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, and raised during that period of frenzied trashing of China’s traditional values” (12). Considering that communism is a topic of heavy controversy, it is no surprise that many readers harshly speak out against Wen, a blatant critic of communism. For example, according to Wikipedia, “his first published short story, I Love Dollars, was denounced by some critics as the ‘shameless and indecent novel of a hooligan’”. The abundant symbols used in his story hint at communism’s flaws, and they generate resentment from those who disagree with his point of view. In the short story, “Ah, Xiao Xie,” Wen expresses the detriments that communist societies force on its people through each worker’s insignificance to the government, the working conditions and wages when the factory stopped making profit, and Weigang’s confinement to the factory.
Unsurprisingly, with China’s surplus of people, the government could not possibly care for each and individual low class worker such as those working at the factory. Zhu Wen uses the factory workers to symbolize the common folk of a c...

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...ers were neglected by the government, their wages were majorly cut, and Weigang’s resignation was rejected. Ironically, communism promises equality in order to promote unity and happiness for everyone, but this is contradictory because equally sharing what few resources are available leaves nobody satisfied. If the world had an infinite amount of resources, there would be no greed or corruption; in a dream-like situation such as this, communism would be the way to go. It would be a peaceful utopia for all, but sadly, that is not the case. In reality, times are only becoming more and more difficult as Earth continues to be stripped of its limited resources at astonishing rates. Communism may seem like an attractive alternative to capitalism because it pledges to take care of every citizen as the economy continues to plummet, but as of now, it is not a plausible option.

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