Analysis Of The Book ' Hollow City Experience '

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Time, to normal people moves in a straight line, on the one end, is the past forever unreachable, and unchangeable to mortal beings. The past at some point becomes the present, where all mortal beings, and everything else that exists currently resides, and on the far end of this line, there is the future, shrouded in a mist, which mortals can only vaguely predict. In contrast to what normal humans see, the peculiar children, and haunting monsters of the novel Hollow City experience both time and place quite differently. For these peculiar children in Ransom Riggs novel the past is accessible through magical loops in time, where days are repeated exponentially, these loops provide to be an essential and interesting element of the story, effectively helping and hindering the main character’s perilous journey and all together making a very gripping story. Along with time, the different places in Hollow city contribute to the story as well; from the unspeakable horrors and peril of war torn London in the mid 1940s to a bland, cold island off the coast of England, to the high tech world of the present day, Jacob Portman and the other peculiar children in Ransom Riggs Hollow City, (the sequel to Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children) are once again on a life threatening, adventure-filled journey to save themselves, and the peculiar world from evil pupil-less monsters. The setting in Riggs’s Hollow City changes frequently, both in aspects of time and place, thus enriching the conflict by providing new obstacles for the protagonist to overcome. Jacob Portman’s journey begins when his grandfather is killed by a mysterious monster which only he can see. This leads him on an incredible adventure that takes him to a cold, and dreary is... ... middle of paper ... ...hat make up the setting are important to any novel, but are very crucial elements in Hollow City. These unique changes in time and place, prove to hold many challenges for the protagonists, and therefore many opportunities for the protagonists to overcome these obstacles. Weather the obstacles presented by the new settings are as simple as, unfamiliar landscape, to falling bombs during an air raid, Riggs resourceful characters always seem to overcome them, thus emerging more developed than before, and making a more pleasurable reading experience. Through countless changes in the setting, in both time and place the conflict of Riggs’s Hollow City is enriched through the many obstacles the protagonists must overcome. To normal people time exists in a line, and places do not change much, but to the peculiar children of Riggs novel, time and place are entirely different.

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