Analysis Of The Book ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Hills Like White Elephants ' Essay

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Love is one of the most diverse and unexplainable emotions felt by humans. The success of a relationship depends on the capacity to truly love and care for another person outside of ourselves. Two stories by different authors bring up love and how it affects a relationship in a difficult situation. David Foster Wallace’s “Good People” and Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants” both show the diversity of love within a relationship. Wallace does a great job portraying Lane’s internal battle to an honest love with Sheri, while Hemingway depicts a false love expressed between the American and Jig. The differences between the love and closeness in the two relationships is made apparent by the use of literary tools. Both stories utilize similar character plots, unique points of view, and vivid imagery to portray the range of differences between true and false love in a relationship.
“Hills like White Elephants” and “Good People” have many traits in common in the character plots. “Hills like White Elephants” presents a relationship between two young people, Jig and the American. These two characters discuss the decision for Jig to have an abortion. The American expresses his love for Jig throughout the story and tries to reassure her he will continue to love her after she gets the abortion. The expression of his love shows signs of being insincere. He uses his words to try to manipulate Jig into making the decision he desires, and does not fully understand the implications of how it might affect Jig stating, “I won’t worry about that because it’s perfectly simple” (117). The fact that the American believes such a choice as abortion to be perfectly simple goes to show how uncaring and distant the relationship he has with Jig an...

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...rri without directly saying the words. This is in contrast to Hemingway’s use of literary tools to show the distance between the American and Jig, and allows readers to see how there is no honest love in their relationship although the words were said. Both authors told a story of two young couples battling with love in a difficult situation. The correlation between hope of white elephants in the hills and the hopelessness of a fallen tree beside a dark lake shows the possible outcomes love could take in the two relationships. By cleverly using opposite point of views and contrasting imagery the level of love in the two relationships is made apparent.
These literary tools helped cement the idea that the love shown in both stories couldn’t have been any more opposite and diverse, but it still vastly affected a relationship and changed the outcome of a hard decision.

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