Analysis Of The Book ' High School ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' High School ' Essay

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High school students Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole were brought together through constant “car issues.” Little did Dawson know that Amanda was only trying to grab his attention so she disconnected the wires in her car just so he could help her. Dawson Cole was the son of Tommy Cole who was the leader of his family compound. Dawson was treated like dirt and was told a numerous amount of times that he was “white trash” by his abusive father. After disobeying his fathers wishes, Dawson runs away from home and ends up finding a shack to sleep in for the night. The next morning, owner Tuck Hostetle finds and awakens Dawson with a rifle to his head. After stating who he was and why he ended up in the bed of Tucks car, Tuck gave him a blanket and fixed him up a place to stay with him. Dawson strictly keeps his head straight and to the books, but when it comes down to women, he 's not one to know how to flirt. Amanda did not care about his family name, how isolated he was, or the dangers she would be getting herself into if she was to start seeing him. She mainly saw his big heart as well as his knowledge through Dawsons hard shell. This instantly attracted Amanda so she went after what she wanted. Dawson never thought he would have a chance with anyone nor thought highly of himself due to his father constant shit talking towards him. Being told he was “worthless”, “a nobody” and “will never be somebody” definitely brought Dawson’s self esteem down. However, after seeing how his father treated him, this made Dawson realize that he wants to be a better person and treat others how he wished to be treated. His tolerance and respect for the people he was around. Amanda set Dawson free of his demons that his father held over him....

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... I enjoyed the film and felt I could connect with the characters. The only complaint I have about this movie was the constant flashbacks back and fourth between the scenes. I feel the way they constantly did that at times made it hard to follow. Eventually, I was able to go back and figure out what was gong on but I feel I should get it from the beginning without having to question what truly happened. As for being corny, dumb and predictable, I do not agree. This is a love story amongst two people in their younger years and in their adult years. It portrayed the love in a different way than most movies I have seen and this made the film stand out to me. I also do not feel it was predictable. During the ending scenes I was completely thrown off and was left at the edge of my seat. I recommend this movie to viewers who enjoy suspense and heartbreaking love stories.

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