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Analysis Of The Book ' Friendship ' Essays

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Friendship means ‘a relationship in which two people expressed outward emotions of liking each other in a friendly manner; typically, the friends provide something for each other.’ This statement accurately depicts Jim and Antonia’s relationship towards each other. Though one can care more for one person than the other, in a loving type of way, unless both do not show that, it is considered a friendship. Jim did care for Antonia more, but because Antonia never expressed love, their relationship never went further. Throughout their lives together the reader can gather that Jim had more feelings for Antonia than Antonia did for Jim. The fact that in the introduction we learn that Jim recently married, after he lived with Antonia as a child, after he went to college, after he came back for Antonia and saw her husband and how much they loved each other, means that he was waiting to see if Antonia would ever love him back. The truth that he wrote an entire, over 100 page, memoir about her expresses that he loved her greatly. Sitting in his room at night, writing about her, must have taken a major part of his day out, but he believed it was worthy enough of his busy life as a lawyer. In Antonia’s life, Jim was just her best friend, which she had no other feelings about. She was oblivious to Jim’s interests in her. IF the two of them confronted each other and expressed their feelings either they would have stayed friends after, or Antonia would have lived her life with Jim. Jim would have liked the second one, and Antonia would have, most likely, preferred to stay friends. Though WIlla Cather does not allow for Antonia to tell the reader her feelings on the inside, it is concluded that Antonia did not express the same feelings for Jim. I...

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... when Antonia’s father died that she took the role on her father. She knew that she had to ‘become the man’ in a sense and start working outside. When she was working outside, all he wished for was for her to come back inside so that they can sit and talk. Even though she a was an immigrant with limited education, he always put her higher than the girls in his social class. By always talking to Antonia and not the other girls, that shows that he would chose her over the one’s his grandparents would be more comfortable with. After he finished his education Antonia moved on. Jim did not. This is because Antonia saw their relationship as friend, while Jim say their relationship as friends, but had a love for Antonia. It was until the end of the novel that Jim finally moved on and married, but this was after he saw Antonia and her husband together with multiple children.

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