Analysis Of The Book ' Flowers From The Attic ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Flowers From The Attic ' Essay

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Cleo Virginia Andrews, more widely known as V.C. Andrews, was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1932. Andrews was the youngest of all her siblings, and also the only daughter (V.C. Andrews). When she was a child she developed crippling arthritis after having surgery to treat injuries from a falling accident. Even with her limited writing ability that came with her arthritis, Andrews progressed to become a 20th century novelist. While her success and popularity came from her writing, she was also had a career as an illustrator/artist, she attempted to write a graphic science fiction novel, but it wasn’t picked up by any publishers (V.C. Andrews). In 1979 Andrews got one of her first novel’s published, the novel was called “Flowers in the Attic” and almost immediately became a bestseller. “Flowers in the Attic” was the first book of the Dollanganger Series.
“Flowers in the Attic” is a horror-fiction novel that was published in 1979. The novel tells the story of the Dollanganger family after their father dies suddenly in a car accident. Corrine, the mother, and her 4 children are left to deal with the aftermath. The children are given a rude awakening, they come to realize that their lovely lifestyle and all their beautiful, expensive things don’t truly belong to them. After a short time, their items and there home are going to be taken by the bank, which is when their mother reveals that they will be going to live with their grandmother. With promises of riches and luxury the children agree to go, but soon after arriving at the home of their grandmother they realize that it was a mistake. The children were forced to stay all in one room, because their grandfather did not even know they existed and could not ever hear or see them. The ...

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...e book. In an analysis written by an anonymous user on a forum called “Flowersintheattic2point0,” it’s said that the Dollanganger series should not be analyzed separately. Since V.C. Andrews was so invested in storytelling, the author of that analysis doesn’t believe that one book can truly tell the whole story (A Critical Analysis of V.C. Andrews ' Flowers in the Attic: It Is What It Is…But What Is It? (Part One)). When looking at it simply, everything about this story is problematic, from the actions of the characters to the romantic ties the author gave them. While it is an interesting story, and it does completely consume you when reading it, the problems are overwhelming and unsettling. The story of the Dollanganger children continues in the other 3 books of this series, so the problems and hardships for the children don’t just end with “Flowers in the Attic.”

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