Analysis Of The Book ' Five Finger Discount ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Five Finger Discount ' Essay

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what would you think about if all your family members were criminals back in the 1970s what would you do? Most people would be in insecure about talking about their personal life stories or would not discuss anything about family because they might feel ashamed about what their families have done the wrong decisions in the past. Therefore, I’m talking about Helene Stapinski who wrote a book called Five Finger Discount that has a lot of emotions in this book such as depressing, frightful that would really describe the book. Also, growing up in Jersey City she told the story of her life as a child, what she experienced as a little girl, and how crime and corruption were part of her life.
Also, Stapinski’s experience of growing up in New Jersey City around 1970, she was living in crime and corruption. Therefore, the politicians were taking over the city by extortion, pay offs, elections fraud. For example many politicians would not let Latinos and blacks vote for no reason at all. In fact, politicians were destroying the economy and all those things were
Type to enter text increasing in Jersey City. Also, the politicians were making everything horrible in the street because thugs and killer had taken control of the city because of the politicians were not pay attention about how the city was becoming a deserter. Therefore, they should be the one to provide a good environment for the city instead of making poorly decisions. Therefore, labeling theory has provided great examples in which many people view stealing has a normal thing to do in Jersey City, but people should realize what are the consequences of stealing, and most people would not see stealing as a crime. Also, the control theory has impacted the society into b...

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...ot seen the negative things in New Jersey City.
throughout the end of the book Stapinski discusses nature and nurture that has really affect the whole family, and truly seeing the negative environment as growing up in New Jersey City such as effecting there parents nurtured and the Anther has giving us a lot of information about how society has really impacted her live in New Jersey City. Also, growing up she understand the horrible things such did in the past such as violent and unaccepted behavior when she was living with their family. In fact, the Author has express her emotions about how his father Teamster did not stayed with his doughtier when she was going to a hard time in life. Also, she tends to forget everyone in the family about the horrible things they did in the past and making widely decisions, and prevent mistakes they did in the past.

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