Analysis Of The Book ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay example

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Hidden Dystopia
In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, people have TVs the size of walls, the people can obtain cars that go at alarming speeds and students do not have to worry about being assigned chapters to read for homework. Technology is at an all-time high and even controversial topics have been avoided. It may seem that there are no downsides to this world, although in the following scenes the real atrocities of this masked dystopian society are revealed. The U.S. Constitution plays a large role in granting citizens rights although, in Fahrenheit 451, their version of granted rights is twisted. Different amendments that are violated throughout the novel are featured in three scenes. The first scene consists of a woman being limited expression and the safety of her home because firemen barge into her home to burn her books. The second scene will consist of Montag, the main character, convincing his friend, Faber, in joining him to start a coup against their government and society because people are not granted rights or equality. The final scene will be where Montag gets introduced to a group of men known as the “book covers” who, by law, are not allowed to assemble. This novel highlights how the Constitution is important and why individual freedoms are essential.
In the beginning of the first scene, firemen are approaching a house that has been reported for having books. The firemen know that books are in the house and intend to barge in and burn the house along with the books inside. The woman who lives in the house is not surprised when the firemen burst into her home and grab her. She stays calm and simply replies with “Play the man, Master Ridley: we shall this day light such a candle by God 's grace, in England, as I ...

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... from the 14th prevents people from being discriminated against. In Fahrenheit 451, the “book covers” group is being discriminated against because of their beliefs about society and literature. The book keepers want the world to change and to end the ban on books, but it cannot happen because the government does not allow it and the people do not accept it because the society is brainwashed. There are still many more unmentioned instances in the novel that show how this society completely disregards the Constitution. This society is in no way ideal and shows the importance of citizen’s basic rights in America. It emphasizes how much protection citizens in the United States have against an unruly government. It’s important that the people are given freedoms or else the U.S. is going to become eerily similar to a society that burns a type of expression.

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