Analysis Of The Book ' Escape From The Western Diet ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Escape From The Western Diet ' Essay

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Michael Pollan states in his article “Escape from the Western diet”, three simple rules to follow to obtain a healthy lifestyle, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” (426). The food industry and medical community manipulate us to believe we are escaping the Western diet but to only find out that we are right back to where we started. Pollan provides some easy rules of thumb so that we aren’t caught up in the latest trends or diets but instead develop some eating boundaries that seem simple to follow on an everyday basis. Personally for me, following these rules can seem hard in some aspects but also easy in others because factors like role models when I was a kid, living situation and cooking skills effect my ability to follow the three main rules Pollan presents in his article.
It is hard for me to follow Pollan’s first rule “Eat food” (426) because I was never a good cook and now that I am living on my own, it is much easier to buy pre-made foods that don’t take a lot of skills to make. Pollan says to separate “from the cascade of foodlike products that now surround and confounded us, especially in the super markets” (426). However, when I go to the super market, I tend to find my self down the frozen food section, even though I know that pre packaged food is filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients, only because each time I try to make a home cooked meal it ends up crashing and burning. For example, other day I tried to make steak, potatoes, and green beans and everything that could have gone wrong, did. After that I mostly stick to foods that are easy to make and will also taste better then a burnt steak. Foods like, packaged pasta and canned red sauce is my area of expertise. Just call me “Chef Boyar-Bri”. Re...

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...he specific nutrient (426) is surprisingly true. I fell in the bandwagon to cut out all carbohydrates and was convinced that I would lose weight quickly. This fab diet only lasted about two days because it was way to hard for me to decipher which food contain carbohydrates and which ones don’t. Pollans rule of thumb makes dieting, turn into a change in lifestyle.
Following Pollan’s three steps to escaping the Western diet all boils down to who you are and your background. For me, his rules are hard to follow with the exception of one due to past and my current situation I am in. When I read “Escape from the Western Diet”, I learned people should use these rules of thumbs but should also account for what works for their body. We would all love to have a simple solution to all of our dieting problems, but unfortunately in reality its much more complex then perceived.

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