Analysis Of The Book ' Education Of Daughters ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' Education Of Daughters ' Essay example

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“Education of Daughters,” was a section that appeared in the chapter titled, “Hints to People of Moderate Fortune.” This chapter was originally published in the Massachusetts Journal, which David Child edited. Child was the writer for the literary criticisms section where “Hints to People of Moderate Fortune” was first published. The publication page of The Frugal Housewife explained that the author received requests to add this section because both texts were written within the same mindset, “an honest and independent wish to be useful.” Child argued in “Education of Daughters” that young wives needed to learn that their usefulness would contribute to their happiness.
To start her analysis of the education system for girls, Child stated that it brought benefits to the young women and the nation, but did not instruct young women into the domestic roles that they would eventually inhabit as wives. Lydia Maria Child argued that the tone of female education was negative because the girls were taught about the importance of getting married. Kim Tolley’s article, “Science for Ladies, Classics for Gentlemen,” discussed that wives should be able to understand their husband’s future plans and sympathize with their husband’s emotion through the education that they were receiving. Young women needed to be educated to their husband’s level to create a comfortable home for their spouses. Women also needed to put their learning towards teaching their sons how to be good republican citizens, as seen in Linda Kerber’s “The Republican Mother and the Woman Citizen.” Child saw these two reasons for girls’ education unproductive because the girls would not learn the domestic tasks needed to run a household. With the switch from family...

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...y become unhappy. Child wanted young women to learn that usefulness should become synonymous with happiness. They were providing their family with work that could have been bought, so they should have been proud of the frugality they were bringing into the home.
In conclusion, Lydia Maria Child wrote The Frugal Housewife to banish the stigma attached to being conservative with the family’s money. Our speculations about the relationship between David’s debts and the reasons why Lydia wrote this text along with the reasons to use a pseudonym have the potential to be figured out through more research through primary source collections including Child as one of the topics. The unpaid housework that women performed provided their families with subsistence and pride. Lydia Maria Child led women to become financially savvy when the time between paychecks became difficult.

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