Analysis Of The Book ' Eat At Live ' By Fuhrman, J. The Book Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Eat At Live ' By Fuhrman, J. The Book Essay

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Professional book review: “Eat to live” , by Fuhrman, J.
The book “Eat to live” was written by a board-certified family physician, Joel Fuhrman. The cover of the book attracted the reader with the line “lose 20lbs or more in 2 weeks” (Fuhrman, 2003). Dr. Fuhrman (2003) wrote this book in order to introduce a diet with a high nutrient-per-calorie ratio to everyone. By following to this diet, you will not only lose weight, but also get healthier. Dr. Fuhrman (2003) also explained in this book why you should choose his diet plan to become healthier. According to Dr. Fuhrman (2003), “the key to this diet is a simple formula: Health = Nutrients/Calories” (p.7).
The books are divided into ten chapters. The first two chapter brought up the effect of the American diet (Fuhrman, 2003, p.15). More and more American are obese. Obesity is the number one health problems in the United States (Fuhrman, 2003, p.15). It leads to many health complications. The problems of obesity come from the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habit.
Then continuing in chapter three and four, Dr. Fuhrman (2003) provided more information about human nutrition. Therefore, the readers would have a good background of what are essential nutrients human body need to support life and health. He also emphasized the importance of plant foods in the human diet that seems to be missed in the American diet (Fuhrman, 2003, p.59). According to Dr. Fuhrman (2003), eating “the raw, leafy greens, normally referred to as salad” could increase human’s longevity (p.61). In chapter four, there were some studies providing some evidences about the relationship between animal products and diseases such as cancers (Fuhrman, 2003). Beside of that, Dr. Fuhrman mentioned that eating vegetable ...

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...ealthy life. Then he started to analyze several misinformation about weight loss you get from some popular books. He provided some scientific information which is very valuable and credible in his book to support his ideas.
Anyone who is looking for or on a weight loss program would find this book useful. The book provided many helpful information related to weight loss. You would find the diet that is good for your health and helps you lose your weight.
After reading the book, I get many biochemical information related in nutrition and weight loss. People want to lose weight but only because they are not educated well enough to have an ability to filter out the information they get from many weight loss programs. People may choose the diet plan that prevents them from being healthy. They might lose weight but in the wrong way which could be harmful to their health.

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