Analysis Of The Book ' Dress Your Family Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Dress Your Family Essay

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The book, “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim” by David Sedaris, David write’s stories about his family, spading from his childhood to his adult life. Throughout the essays David goes in depth about his relationship with his family and how his childhood has shaped the way him and his brothers and sisters has grown up to be adults, resulting to each of his siblings having their own unique mental illness.
In the essay, “Let it Snow”, David and his siblings were stuck at home because of the snow. On the fifth day their mother couldn’t take it anymore, “Get the hell out of my house.” (14) After a few hours in the snow David and his siblings tried to get back into the house, “Surprised to find that the door was still locked. ‘Oh, come on,’ we said I rang the bell when no one answered we went to the window and saw our mother in the kitchen, watching television.” (14) For the whole day the mother neglected her children because she couldn’t handle the stress of having them at home for five days straight. If the mother was able to neglect her children for the whole day, it shows that she would not be able to care about or show affection to her child on other occasions. Which can have a big sociological effect on the development of her children. Not only was the mother’s actions harmful to the development of her children, the fathers were the same or more harm to the development of his daughters in particular. In the essay, “A Shiner Like a Diamond” David shows us how his father didn’t care about the look of the sons, but when it came to the image of his daughters not one little detail was left out. In his father’s view, David writes, “It was always assumed that we would lead professional lives, my brother and I were free to grow as...

... middle of paper ... in her house for only one hour. Her paranoia can be a result of her father’s repeated verbal abused about her weight as a child. Over time of the nervousness of the possible verbal abuse by her father each time she eats to much or out growths a piece of clothing, scares her. Which resulted in her adult life being very nervous around situations that she is unfamiliar with.
David’s sister Tiffany got the worst of it. As a child David’s sister Tiffany always needed attention, “Poor Tiffany. She’d do just about anything in return for a little affection. All you had to do was call her Tiff and whatever you wanted was yours: her allowance money, her dinner, the contents of her Easter baskets.” (15) He blind desire to please people to go so far that puts her own life in danger, “When we asked her to lie in the middle of the street, her only question was ‘Where?’” (15)

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