Analysis Of The Book ' Down Of The River ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Down Of The River ' Essay

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Down in the River to Pray
A sick, cold rain falls lazily upon the leaf-strewn ground, softening the crisp, autumn air. Some of these slow raindrops find their descent to end on a traveler’s head and tumble down his stone face, but he pays no heed to their relaxed playfulness. Boots tread heavily upon dark red leaves slick with the afternoon’s shower as they clomp, clomp, clomp towards the sound of the rushing river. His shallow breathing becomes lost in the roar of the river.
He walks briskly along the bank, his shoulders raised and his eyes dart back and forth between the rolling white water as it dashes against the rocks blocking its path. Hands clenched in his pockets, he draws himself in, as if hiding from something lurking in the waters. The river makes him uneasy, with its turbulent waters that carry sticks and campers’ items away in the blink of an eye. So many things have been lost in that river, he thinks. He remembers the photos in the newspapers of corpses who have been fished out of this river over the years. Some lost their lives there by accident. Others had ended the...

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