Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' : Cows That Type ( Book Level 2.3 )

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' : Cows That Type ( Book Level 2.3 )

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Read Aloud Example I
Read Aloud (with some shared reading)
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type (book level 2.3) is an enjoyable book. It is a silly book and an award-winning one and most of the events in the book cannot actually happen (fantasy). You can use a big book or show a smaller one on your projector.

Preparation: decide ahead of time where you want to stop (maybe three or four times) during the reading, and invite discussion regarding a particular word, a picture or a concept you want to focus on.

These are my main objectives for this read aloud:

1. Enjoyment and comprehension
2. Focus on consonant blends and be able to read those words

T: Introduce the book by showing the cover and telling the students the name of the book, the author and the illustrator. Get your students excited about the book, for example: “This is a silly book, but I like it and hope you do, too. Let’s look at the cover and see if we can predict what the story will be about.”

S: Responses may differ, for example, “A cow that can …”

T: “While I read to you, I also want you to help me with words that begin with the consonant blend cl or bl. When we get to a word that begins with a cl or bl, I’m going to pause and you’re going to help me read it. So let’s start with the title again. At the very beginning of the first word we see cl. Let’s read it together [point to the words].”

S: Read the title with the teacher.
T: Continue reading the story, pausing just before the words, “Click, Clack, Moo” and pointing to them so that children can share the reading.
When you reach the page where Farmer Brown is looking at the letter from the cows, pause before the word, “blankets” [point to the word] and have children join in to read the word. ...

... middle of paper ...

...points you might
want to stop and discuss.

At the end of the story, discuss how David felt at the beginning of the story and how he felt at the end of the day. What did he think of lizards at the beginning and how did he feel about lizards at the end of the story? What made him change his mind? A question suggested by our reader was “Would you like to have Mr. Roy as a teacher? Why or why not?”

Follow-up activities: there are several online activities that students could do at a center. They can listen to the story again, play a vocabulary matching game, a word play game, as well as spelling games. You can compare David’s feelings with the students’ feelings as well as characters in other books relating to the start of school. Writing can also be a follow-up activity. 

Teaching Comprehension Strategies
Although I have put this apart from Read Alouds,

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