Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Cole '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Cole '

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“Cole ...” She whispered. Her protest died on her lips. Her hips pressed against his. Cole’s hands were everywhere at once, sliding up and down her spine, caressing her thighs, gripping her hips pulling them harder against his growing bulge. His lips nipping at her neck, gently biting her shoulder. There were so many sensations all at once, Penny could not focus. Her body came alive under his hands and lips. “Stay with me Penny.” Cole whispered against her throat. Penny could not believe she was even considering it, there was something about this man that was so familiar. The thought of eating Chinese naked in bed tonight was just not as appealing as eating whatever Cole had in mind. “Mmmhmm.” Penny mumbled as her lips found his. She gently bit his lip, her tongue traced where her teeth had nipped him. She felt so in control when she felt him shudder beneath her. Cole opened the door, before Penny could climb out of the car, he wrapped his strong arms around her and carried her as a child out of the car. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he shut the door. She hit the automatic lock as Cole pressed her up against the door. His hands in her hair, gently pulling her head back so he could deepen their kiss. His tongue traced the column of her slender neck down to her collar bone. Gently nipping and licking his way along her shoulder. Penny’s fingers were buried in his hair, holding him closer. She arched her back, pressing her hips closer to his, her body wanting to move against his, needing to feel him on top of her. Penny heard a car approaching and unclasped her legs from his waist, sliding down his body. Cole grabbed her hand as they walked across the parking garage to the Elevator. He quickly ushered her inside before the othe...

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...uch she struggled against his arms, she was held captive. “Don’t be in such a hurry, I want to enjoy every inch of you Penny.” He whispered as his tongue traced the outer rim of her ear. His hot breath creating delicious sensations on her wet skin. Cole’s fingers went back to seductively teasing her other breast. He was making her wet, she wanted his fingers to trace slow, delicious circles around her clit. She wanted his mouth on her skin, she needed release. “Cole ... Please.” She moaned. “Please what baby.” He asked as his fingers gently tugged on her nipples, sending liquid fire down between her thighs, making her hotter and wetter by the second. Cole released his hold on her arms and turned her towards him. He wanted to taste those perfect pink nipples. Cole backed Penny up against the picture window. He dipped his head and took one perfect nipple in his mouth.

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