Analysis Of The Book ' Coffee Talk ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Coffee Talk ' Essay

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Title: Coffee Talk

Premise Statement:

Nicole and Daina are life long friends. As they go through life and the scenery around them changes, one scene remains the same; the small town coffee shop where they always meet to talk and catch up. On one such occasion, both girls are 24 and have all sorts of questions about their future, dreams from their past, and problems with their present. Nicole is questioning if she should stay with her job, if she will have a future with someone, and what God is doing in the midst of it all. Their waitress and the coffee shop 's long time employee, Mrs. Joan Calla, serve the two 24-year-old girls at a table stage center. Ms. Calla also entertains other customers. At the table stage right, she goes back in time to serve Nicole and Daina when they were younger dreaming of their futures in the small local coffee shop. At the table stage right, she serves Nicole and Daina when they are older reflecting on the past. Our main story remains with our center stage actors at age 24, who learn the importance of living in the present.

Genre: Two Act Play, Drama


Act 1:
Nicole and Daina enter their small hometown coffee shop to catch up. The point of attack in which our story begins is when Nicole and Daina are 24. Nicole has just come home from a long hard first year of teaching math in a rough intercity school district. To put it lightly, life has not turned out how she thought it would. Daina just finished her graduate degree in criminal justice and is applying for social work positions. The inciting incident occurs right at the beginning when Daina asks Nicole how she has been. From her response, the audience can tell there is a lot of tension and stress in her current living situati...

... middle of paper ... the future or the past, it seemed like sometimes they would miss the present. Then Daina says she sure misses Nicole’s presence right now. Then comes the famous question, would we do things differently if we could do it all over again? We go back to center stage with our Nicole and Daina at 24. Nicole is about to leave for the city again. As the girls begin to again talk about their future past, Ms. Calla, who is well aware of the girls obsession with the past and future, asks the girls a similar question, if given the chance, would you really change your future or your past? This question brings the play to its climax. After some silent thought, both girls answer no. Ms. Calla says, then for now, just be satisfied with the present. Nicole finally lets go of her need to know the future, but the question remains if she can truly continue to live in the present.

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