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Danielle Allen started her lecture off by giving some background information leading up to her writing the book. She talked about what she referred to as “liftoff”. She explained it as a time when discussion on a topic really starts to go to another level, and becomes more in-depth. She said that this “liftoff” occurred for her at the University of Chicago while she was teaching a nigh class on the Declaration. She then continued to explain how the class with these students inspired her to write. Danielle then started to write and gave it to others to read. She actually got an honest response that her writing wasn’t very good. Danielle revealed that she actually ended up writing the book twice. The second time instead of writing about a teacher, she became the teacher in first person in the book. After sharing some background in formation she began to get into more depth about the Declaration and highlights some of the main points of Our Declaration. She started this by declaring that the Declaration is nothing more than human agency. She breaks down what she means by this: the Declaration is simply a group of people who diagnose circumstances, and make a perscriptions. She made it a point that between these two is the justification, the case you can make about the circumstance. She then talks about the “pathways to happiness”. Her main point here was that each of us individually know our recourses and experience. Nobody else can know more about our pathways to happiness than ourselves. She states that we have a responsibility to realized this that way we can protect our happiness. She referes this back to the line in the constitution that says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created ... ... middle of paper ... ...aid she believes state consitituitons are important too, especially for a right to education. She believes that the public budget spends too much on the war on drugs. A student also asked Danielle her opinion of social media. She says that social media today and media printing back then are both tools in expressing ourselves and it depends how we use these tools. An interesting question asked by another student was, “if you could change something about your book or write it again what would you do?”. She answered saying that the two main things she would change/add were 1) foreground John Adams and his part in the process, and 2) to change the pace in the last 1/3 of the book because in her opinion the pace lags here. Danielle Allen brought up some interesting points about the Declaration during her lecture that I did not consider before hearing her speak.

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