Analysis Of The Book ' Bridge Across Forever ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Bridge Across Forever ' Essay

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This epigraph begins the book "Bridge Across Forever" by the famous American writer, philosopher and essayist Richard Bach. And he is perfectly suited to his novel-parable "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", reflecting the idea of ​​a book about the perfection of a rational being, not limited by time and space.
The process of reading the book is incredible emotions and thoughts. It is quite obvious the analogy of the world gulls and the world of men. Seagulls speak, think, aspire to freedom, have the will and intellect in general exhibit properties superior beings, that is, Homo sapiens.
I had the idea that Jonathan had brought into the world the idea of ​​seagulls spiritual development, just as once upon a time one of the first people gave rise to something new, which was higher than simply ensuring their survival, that is, higher instincts.
Striking thought the story-a parable about freedom and spiritual perfection. Livingston so wanted to fly, to know their ultimate destination, that did not stop him either pain or a negative attitude to his training parents or expulsion from the pack. He wanted only to share their skills with others, show that they are capable of more. But how to tell them their knowledge, if they do not want to take it? So he became an exile.
 Gradually improving their results, exhausted from the pain, he was finally able to overcome their own record high, to perform more difficult tricks. But he was alone. Then one day two seagulls invited him to a new world, to new heights, to a new development. And he agreed to climb.
On the new stage of development, he meets a wise mentor (Sullivan, an old - Chiang), showing him his own new horizons. He learns to speak without words, listening to the heart, to overcome space a...

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... in all of us. Just someone that anymore, someone - less. And that, perhaps, it is determined by the details of your personal success. You can have knowledge, even have a number of excellent teachers, but if you 're not ready to step over your own, which often does not make sense, you can not believe in yourself and to subordinate ourselves a common goal, you will not achieve anything. Indeed, any powerful idea is absolutely delicious and highly useless until you make up your mind to make it work.
Another important thing, which teaches the book - is to follow the path of his spiritual development, despite the opinion of the masses, which can be simply has not yet reached your stage of development, or simply you were misunderstood. The surest way - is improving, finding the Masters, who can help you in this, and not be limited to achieving a final goal. After all, perf

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