Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' American Way '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' American Way '

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When I was in Seattle Central Community College, I studied the book American Ways: An introduction to American Culture where I found out many interesting facts about the American society. This book gives thorough details about the values that are extremely appreciated by the American culture, which are freedom and self-reliance, equality of opportunity and competition, and the American dream and hard work. These values have a strong impact on many fields, such as education. Generally, educators are divided between two educational reforms, which are equity and free market. The first refers to fairness in which every individual has the right to achieve his or her educational goals, regardless of his or her personal and social situations. It also refers to inclusion, which indicates that every single person should have the right to learn reading, writing, and counting (OECD, 2008). The Free Market, on the other hand, puts an emphasis on competition, testing, and accountability. In her article Education: subject to global markets, Compton explains this reform as “schools are seen as an industry, generating profits for those who invest in them, delivering a product – the “educated” child – at the other end and run just like any other business.” ( 2009, p. 115). Basically, teachers evaluation, testing and standards, and U.S. standing in international comparisons of education are viewed differently by equity and free market perspectives the two educational reforms.
According to the Free Market perspective, teachers are evaluated based on their students’ test scores. To put it differently, if students get high scores on tests, that proves that their teachers are effective. If they get low scores, their teachers are not...

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...ools and how to assess students’ performance, and how U.S standing in international comparisons of education. The equity reform makes sure that everyone has the right to get education and knows reading, writing, and doing math, whereas the Free Market encourages competition, testing, and accountability in schools.


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