Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' American Colonies ' By Alan Taylor

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' American Colonies ' By Alan Taylor

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It is a beautiful day in the area modernly known as southern Mississippi. The birds are chirping, the plants are growing, and the sun is shining. The day starts off like any other in this Native American community. The women began to tend the fields and the men are preparing for the next hunt. Suddenly, many strange figures appear at the entrance of the village. These figures appear to be men but these men are far different from any Native Americans they have seen. In the beginning, these men appear to be friendly and even exchange gifts with the local groups. Not for long these relationships began to change these white men began to disrespect the local chiefs and began to dominate the lands. Interaction of this kind was common along the Native Americans and the European settlers, however, it is not exact with every Native American group.
Authors that offer a different perspective on Early American history than the commonly portrayed Eurocentric version allows readers to reorient their historical knowledge. The first book is American Colonies by Alan Taylor. In Taylor’s book he focuses on the impact of the diseases and the Native American experience. It is common to think that the Europeans killed most of the Native Americans by violence. Taylor suggests that the diseases killed more Native Americans than actual warfare. Many deadly diseases traveled with the Europeans to the new world. Taylor mentions many of them. “The greatest killers were eruptive fevers, especially smallpox, measles, and typhus. But Indians also suffered from new respiratory infections, such as whooping cough and pneumonia.” Diseases affected many Native Americans and wiped out much of the populations. Taylor illustrates the severity of the disease from a h...

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...Richter provides the reader into the reconstructions of the Native Americans. Natives from different backgrounds came together to rebuild their lives after the devastation of disease.
It is important to understand different perspectives of any story. It is the same for history. A greater sense of historical knowledge can be gained from different perspectives on the same topic. Historians Richter and Taylor allow readers to learn about the Natives from a different view. Some of the information provided tells the complete opposite of the Eurocentric narrative. It becomes an eye opening experience for learners to discover that most of the Native American population decreased due to disease rather than warfare. These authors opened the doors for people to understand the Native American narrative of Europeans invading their home lands and forever changing their lives.

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