Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Alice Walker '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Alice Walker '

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Alice Walker was born Alice Malsenior Walker on February 9, 1944, in Eatonton, Georgia. She was the youngest of eight children, born to Minnie and Willie Walker. They were a poor sharecropping family that did the best that they could. At the age of eight, a horrible accident took Walker’s eyesight permanently. Walker went through years of dysphoria and her confidence plummeted. Due to her depression, she began spending most of her time alone. During this alone time she realized that she really enjoyed writing and had become exceedingly good at it. When she graduated from high school, she was the valedictorian and shortly thereafter attended Spelman College located in Atlanta, Georgia. She continued her education with a Bachelor of Arts, graduating in 1965 from Sarah Lawrence College (Beaulieu 1).
During her senior year of college, she wrote a considerable amount of poetry. During this time she went through an abortion, which her writing helped her deal with emotionally. Walker became a very outspoken activist. She has spoken out against nuclear arms, civil rights, the apartheid movement, and many conflicts facing African-American lifestyles (Beaulieu 13). Walker moved from Georgia to New York, and then back to the south to Mississippi to work with the voter registration drives and Head Start programs. There she met and fell in love with a young Jewish law student, Mel Leventhal. They married in March of 1967 and became the first inter-racial couple living in Mississippi.

Scott 2.
Now, in 1967 inter-racial marriages in the Mississippi were illegal. The time she lived in ...

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...mes and subject content of this novel is considered controversial (Edemariam 1).
The book “The Color Purple” will remain timeless through the years. Walker did not impress in the novel a sense of the passing of time. When another group of scholars choose this particular subject to research in twenty years from now they will still be in awe, as we are today thirty four years after it was first written. The novel is fiction, but it will help students understand what Black Americans endured through in the 1900’s. You are never too young to learn from your mistakes so that they don’t ever repeat themselves. When this book is read the thought of what things were like then are better defined for, the young adults. Young people gain the insight into the injustices of abuses and racial tensions that have occurred in the past, so that they don’t ever happen again.

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