Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Alice 's Adventures '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Alice 's Adventures '

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The novel Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll was originally published for the first time in 1898, and illustrated by John Tenniel, however there are multiple versions of this fantastically bizarre story that leads a young girl through a series of adventures and encounters with some unique fantasy creatures and beings; with many artists completing their interpretation of this literary masterpiece available. Two of those versions will be looked at in this paper; Salvador Dali illuminated in 1969, and Bessie Pease in 1931. The images that will be compared and contrasted are an accompaniment for chapter five: Advice from a Caterpillar. The images are created in two very different time periods, yet they both have the same function in illustrating the content of this particular chapter, although one performs better than the other.
Each of the illustrations appears within the content of the book, a break between some very witty imaginative texts; therefore it is only fitting that the illustrations of this text should be witty and imaginative too. Pease and Dali have two very different interpretations beginning with the style in which they convey their interpretations. Pease’s usage of soft, muted pastels to convey a sweet, almost romantic image of Alice peeking over the edge of a mushroom up at the caterpillar. Her lines are soft and subtle, and she applies color to the image with a limited palette of blue, yellow, green and umber in a dainty way, demonstrating many of the qualities of the romanticism genre of painting. The image has close picture plane providing an intimate view into the scene. Dali on the other hand, employs the use of primary colors in a robust way and has a surrealist quality to the way he al...

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...t they both create images that embody the essence of the chapter that they accompany. The style of Dali’s image clarifies the content of the chapter in a much more efficient manner than Pease’s image. Pease choose to display an image that is more subdued than the message portrayed within the text. Dali being a surrealist was fully able to personify this tale of sensational fantasy through brush stroke, color choice, and overall composition.


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