Analysis Of The Book ' A Long Way Gone ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' A Long Way Gone ' Essay

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There are kids hesitant to watch the fireworks because of fear. They fear the darkness at night, loud noises, and large crowds with people they don’t know. For some kids, fear has a negative impression and long term effect psychologically. They try hard to avoid and escape from the situation. Not every kid is lucky enough to escape from their fears. Much worse than the holiday trauma, there are many children in the African Ivory Coast, who suffer from diseases, hunger, poverty, and rape. In that environment, many kids had to go through fear and violence. When children cannot escape from their fear, they can be easily brainwashed by other people. The book, A Long Way Gone (2007) the story is about how Ishmael goes through the civil war and finally heals his psychological trauma at a UNICEF relief station. Ishmael, Junior, Talloi and with their friends, Kaloko, Gibrilla, and Khalilou tried to escape, but they were separated and all died except for Ishmael during the rebel’s attack. Ishmael kept running, and he met Musa, Alhaji, Kanei, Jumah, Moriba, and Saidu. He then started an escape journey with these kids. Children who used to live a normal life until the war completely changed them and transformed them into a whole different human being. No one in the country believed in kindness and love anymore. Children had to escape for their own lives. Sometimes they had no choice but to join the military to keep themselves alive. Ishmael’s life was finally changed by some good UNICEF people. He finally learned to forgive and gained back his humanity. There are few types of brainwashing method used in the military to keep the child soldiers energetic and injecting hate in them. While people believe that military people are the authoriti...

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... movies and how impressed we were with the way either lieutenant, the corporal, or one of us had killed someone” (122). The military is brainwashing them with different types of techniques. It seems like the child soldiers are enjoying the movies, but they are brainwashing unconsciously and are influencing to fight like the people they want to be in the movies.
Whether the terrifying speech about the child soldier 's dead friends and families, the use of drugs to keep them out of fears during the killing , which numb the child soldier 's soul of humanity, or the violent movies, all these are attempts to influence them to kill like the movie characters. These were all different types of brainwashing techniques used by the military. Many kids have to go through fear and violence. When children cannot escape from their fear, they can easily brainwashed by other people.

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