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In modern day, when people think of powerful nations, they think of China, The United States, and Russia. In the early ages, some of the strongest civilizations were the Athenians, Persians, and the Spartans. All three nations were unique, but nothing quite compares to the Spartans. From their military, how they raise their kids, and their women, no civilization can compare. The Spartans focus was to become a perfect nation. To fulfill their goal, they created a powerful army that begins military training at the age of seven. During the rigorous military training, the ideas of discipline, courage, and trust were burned into their skulls. The end result created one of the most dominant forces in their era.
The Birth of Sparta
Settled in Lakonia, the Spartans “were descended from a group of Greek-speaking tribes” (Souza 25). Five villages 100 years amalgamated to form one city called Sparta. The five cities decided Sparta would be ruled by two royal families known as the Agiadai and the Eurypontiai. Each family provided a king who were advised by a council of elders. Gradually, Sparta’s influence exerted over the neighboring cities and took control. At the end of the 8th century, Spartans defeated the inhabitants of Messenia. However, Messenia were difficult to completely dominate. In result, the inhabitants rebelled which turned to a “long, hard war” (Souza 25). The Spartans were victorious and made the inhabitants their slaves. Messenia was a very fertile region located in the south-western Peloponnese. Messenia’s fertile land provided Sparta with a division of labor. The inhabitants of Messenia, who were now slaves, provided the food and other basic needs, while the other inhabitants helped with manufacturing and trades. In re...

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...y Greek city and influenced politics. All these factors built an almost unstoppable military force. Gradually, the Spartan population started to decline and its military, which was the core of Sparta, weakened. Sparta succeeded in becoming one of the most dominant militaries of its time, but failed in their ultimate goal to become a perfect nation. “Sparta made an enemy of change it self” (Archer, The Spartans).

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