Analysis Of The Big Time Romanticists And Transcendentalists Writers Were Henry David Thoreau And Emerson

Analysis Of The Big Time Romanticists And Transcendentalists Writers Were Henry David Thoreau And Emerson

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”(390). Emerson is showing his respect toward nature that it deserves. This respect is also a big factor in both Romanticism and Transcendentalism. Some of the big time Romanticists and Transcendentalists writers were Henry David Thoreau and Emerson. In Annie Dillard 's “Seeing” from Pilgrim in Tinker Creek incorporates her influences from Transcendentalism, Emerson Romanticism, and Thoreau.
Transcendentalism is a movement that believed in God, Nature, and Humanity are all connected in the over-soul. It also is the keeping your mind open to so that knowledge can come in. A good example of keeping your mind open is in Dillard 's writing when she says, “It’s all a matter of keeping my eyes open. Nature is like one of those line drawings of a mtree that are puzzles for children”(302). This is Transcendentalism because of the way she writes about nature as if she is confused by it but stars in hopes to figure it out. This also ties into the over-soul because it shows nature and god connected to humanity in the puzzle. In an article on Transcendentalists they wrote, “‘The Transcendentalists… believed in miracle, in the perpetual openness of the human mind to new influx of light and power; he believes in inspiration, and in ecstasy’”(385). This is talking about the Transcendentalists beliefs of nature. Also the miracle of perpetual openness of the human mind is clearly believed by Dillard. When Dillard says, “I once spent a full three minutes looking at a bullfrog that was so unexpectedly large I couldn’t see it even though a dozen enthusiastic campers were shouting directions”(303). When Dillard writes this she is saying that she will stare off for minutes on...

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...ecause in an effort to find new meaning of nature she lived for a year in a small cabin in Virginia.
When Dillard when to write “Seeing” it is clear that she had Romanticism and Transcendentalism on her mind, as well as Thoreau and Emerson. Transcendentalism Keeping your mind open so to let nature in. Then there was Romanticism is simply respect for nature the same respect that Dillard had for the disappearing birds. Emerson was a big Transcendentalist and it is clear that Dillard has read some of his work. She definitely believes in the power of the mind to see things like wind. Last but definitely not least Thoreau the writer that had greatest impact on Dillard 's writing with his characteristics of both Transcendentalism and Romanticism. She definitely read him She did write about him in “Seeing” and you can not say that about any of the other writers.

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