Analysis Of ' The Bell Witch Myth And Is Influenced By American Horror Story

Analysis Of ' The Bell Witch Myth And Is Influenced By American Horror Story

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She Who Lives Again

She Who Lives Again is a fictional graphic novel set in a fictional southern United States during the pre-Civil War era. It loosely based on the Bell witch myth and is influenced by American Horror Story (TV Series). The story explores the implications of racism and revolves around an African American woman and a White man in a relationship that is heavily looked down upon by society. She is eventually hunted by extremists and killed in front of a crowd. She returns as a ghost, drives her most powerful enemy to insanity and kills through controlling a bull. The story is built upon the social structure of racism, which drives the background, main plot, and the actions of the characters.

The novel is set in a fictional Jackson, Mississippi in the 1840s during the build up to the American Civil War. Makayla, an African American who hides in a shack, and Kyle, the son of a rich White landowner, is in an established, but secret relationship. Makayla is often seen working in the fields to blend in and disguise the fact that she isn’t owned like many other African Americans. During the day, she is often criticized just for being African American. She often meets Kyle in secrecy during the night. Their secret relationship leaks and Makayla begins to break down from threats, insults, and derogatory terms targeting her. Initially, Kyle is able to comfort her and help her fight the criticisms. A group led by Dolphine is quickly formed and commits hate crimes against Makayla, who is quickly driven to suicide despite Kyle’s best efforts to keep her sane. Kyle is quickly jailed due to “stepping outside his boundaries” by having a relationship with an African American.

Due to the nature of her death and how it was driven ...

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...or not who they were, but how society expected them to behave.

It can be argued that the master narrative of the story is social conformity leads to peace. If Kyle hadn’t been in a secret relationship with Makayla, there wouldn’t have been public outcry and violence. Kyle broke the social norms and stepped outside many people’s comfort zones. The counter narrative of this could be seen as karma and what goes around comes around. The novel lightly touches on the concepts of karma and revenge. Dolphine Evans was well known for her extremist racism towards African Americans and leading the charge against Makayla was the final straw. Makayla saw this as a change for Dolphine to have a taste of her own blood by turning the tables and performing some of Dolphine’s actions against slaves on herself. This ultimately leads to the phrase “what goes around comes around.” [8]

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