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Analysis Of The Beatles ' The Beatles Essay

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The Beatles
The Beatles were one of the biggest forces in the music industry and inspired the world. As well as paving the way for other musicians. Before they were so famous though the Beatles came from small beginnings.
Liverpool, England was the hometown to all four of the Beatles. John Winston Lennon born October 9th, 1940 took the lead role of the Beatles. Abandoned by both his father and his mother John lived and was raised by his aunt Mimi. As a boy John joined a Rocker gang being quoted as saying that they "went in for things like shoplifting and pulling girls ' knickers down." Just like John the rest of the Beatles came from working-class families. Paul McCartney born June 18th ,1942 was no exception being the son of a cotton salesman. George Harrison who was the youngest of the Beatles was born February 25th, 1943. Richard Starkey who changed his name to Ringo Starr was born July 7th, 1940. He was raised by his single mother after his father left them.
The Beatles were not always called The Beatles of course. The band was also not always made up of the same people. When the group first formed in 1959 they were called the Quarrymen. They also went by Johnny and the Moondogs, as well as the Silver Beatles at different points in their careers. In honor of the Everly Brothers they at one point called themselves Foreverly Brothers. While they were called the Silver Beatles George actually changed his name to Carl Harrison in honor of one of his heroes Carl Perkins. Of course their most iconic name and the one everyone knows them as is The Beatles! When deciding on this name they took some inspiration from Buddy Holly 's band The Crickets. In the same way the band changed names they also changed members and managers a f...

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...ecoming more politically active he keeps writing music producing amazing works such as “Imagine”. Sadly December 8th 1980 John is shot and killed out side of his apartment by Mark David Chapman. The entire world wept at the lost of such a great man. From 1970-88 George release many solo albums as well as producing some films. From 1984-86 Ringo has a varied acting career with some success and marries Barbra Bach. Finally in 1997 Paul is knighted by the Queen in March and has some success with his band Wings. As well as turning the Liverpool Institute into a top preforming arts school.
Thus we have a brief look into the Beatles long and varied career. They paved the way for other musicians as well as being inspired by some of the greats themselves. And though they are no longer together we still have their amazing music they created along their journey to the top.

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