Analysis Of ' The Attic ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Analysis Of ' The Attic ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In Flowers in the Attic, V.C Andrews creates a family tree that is doomed to repeat the sins of its past. The family name, Dollanganger, is a play on word of the word doppelganger, which means a double of a person. This doppelganger effect creates confusing doubles between Christopher Sr. and Christopher Jr., referred to as Chris, who look and act the same, and Corrine and Cathy, who are jealous of each other. The doppelganger effect causes confusion in the nuclear family relationships between the grandmother, Corrine, Cathy, Christopher, and Chris.
Corrine and her mother look nothing alike, but they are examples of doppelganger personalities. Corrine is a beautiful woman who uses sexuality and money to get what she wants. Her mother is an ugly, horrid looking woman whose religious views question her definition of “holy.” Corrine warns her children how her mother really is, “At the door [Corrine] said it was a good thing we’d seen her back, for now we knew how heartless her mother could be. . . . ‘Realize [grandmother] can be inhuman not only to me, but to those who are mine’” (107). Corrine not only warns about the grandmother’s threat meant for her children, but she foreshadows how she will mistreat her own children even worse than the grandmother. Even though Corrine and her mother are distinctly different on the outside, as Corrine settles back into her old lifestyle with money and men, she becomes even worse than her mothers evil personality by attempting to murder her own child.
Therefore, history repeats itself with how the grandmother treats Corrine and how Corrine and the grandmother treat the children. Corrine tries to put on a show for her children by getting mad at them and then showering them with gifts, but ...

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...le of a doppelganger because their personalities are the same and her mother treated her like how Corrine treats her children. Continuing mother daughter relationships, Cathy and Corrine are practically doppelgangers to each other because Cathy desires to be a better version of her mother and wants to win the rivalry between them. Then, since Cathy has unacceptable feeling for her father, Christopher and Cathy have a complex father-daughter relationship that is nearly inappropriate. Also, Christopher Sr., and Christopher Jr., are the closest doppelganger in the family because they are similar in appearance and personality. Finally, Cathy and Chris have a relationship because they each represent a better version of their parents. If they continued to live their normal life while their father was still alive they could have escaped the history of their parents sin.

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