Analysis Of The Article ' Witch Trials ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Witch Trials ' Essay

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The Aftermath of Salem Massachusetts
Alley, Kristie. "Witch Trials - Accusers." Miner Descent. Miner Descent, 18 Nov. 2011. Web. 29
Oct. 2015.

In the article, “Witch Trials – Accusers”, Kristie Alley informs us about one of the main accusers Ann Putman and her role in many of the deaths in Salem. Her father was an influential church leader who also played a big role in the accusing. It is said that many of the people who took part of the accusing had close relationships with the Putman’s and the people who they accused had a dispute with the Putman family; this explains why so many people would accuse. When the witch trials ended and the hysteria had died down, most of the afflicted girls were remained silent. Ann Putman was one of the only girls who gave a confession. It is said that at the age of twenty-six, she issued a public apology in a letter. The letter was read aloud by the new minister Joseph Green who took over the church that Reverend Samuel Parris eventually was kicked out of. It is unknown why many of the other afflicted girls did not admit a confession. It is believed that many of them stayed to themselves after the trials had ended.

Femine, Krista Delle. "The Salem Witchcraft Hysteria - Events, History, and Information – Page
4." The Salem Witchcraft Hysteria - Events, History, and Information - Page 4. Legends
of America, n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2015.

After days of nonsense and the continuing of the witch accusing, many innocent people had their life taken from them. People kept on believing the hysteria that was brought up by such ignorance. When the people may have noticed just a slight consideration of innocence in the accused, the girls would have more ferocious fits. This left the accused with nothing ...

... middle of paper ...

...n accusers in the event. When Tituba, the slave in the Parris’s household was trying to tell the girls of a fabricated witch story that ended up causing a huge hysteria that never mean to happen. When word got around about witchcraft in the town, people started getting accused. When Abigail realized what an outcome the hysteria uplifted in the town, it became an obsession. Abigail idolized the fact of the innocent town’s punishments and executions because of interaction with the witchcraft. With Abigail being the minister’s niece she took advantage of the deaths of many innocent people. No one knows exactly why Abigail would bring about the hysteria. Before the trials became to an end, Abigail left the town of Salem. It is untold what happened afterwards, but she was believed to have never healed from her affliction. She was also believed to of died at a young age.

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