Analysis Of The Article ' Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt ' By Jean Killbourne

Analysis Of The Article ' Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt ' By Jean Killbourne

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In the article “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt,” by Jean Killbourne, she discusses the culture of male superiority over females. With the rise of feminism and exposure to media being at an all-time high, the two topics seem to be overlapping more and more. Daily, society is flooded with sexist, violent, and inappropriate ads and messages that usually degrade women and praise men. This is an issue which only recently gained traction while the “feminist” movement increased in popularity. Women are wrongly objectified for the sake of tradition and a male-driven agenda. This thought has been held on for far too long.
In a consumer-driven society, advertisements invade the minds of every person who owns any piece of technology that can connect to the internet. Killbourne observes that “sex in advertising is pornographic because it dehumanizes and objectifies people, especially women,” (271). Advertising takes the societal ideology of women and stereotypes most kids grow up learning and play on the nerves of everyone trying to evoke a reaction out of potential customers, one that results in them buying products. Another point made by Killbourne, is that a culture of violence set on by males in advertisements is subtly encouraged (272). Little kids, young adults, and older adults watch these ads every day and grow up thinking it’s okay to objectify woman; it’s almost commonplace that a male can stare at a woman walking down the street or around a corner just to get a better look.
The roles of men in society are roles that portray power, superiority, and supremacy above all. It’s a dangerous idea. Killbourne has this to say about women in society:
When power is unequal, when one group is oppressed and discriminated against as a group, w...

... middle of paper ...

...ily and is led by her counterpart, the glorified “bread winner,” the “man of the house,”—the husband. It is in situations like these, that the arguments of whether or not the man should always be the head of the household and other hot topics that can be heavily biased based on what gender you are brought up.
Many would argue that men and women are equals in today’s society, many would argue against it. Media and gender issues intertwine into a big mess of politics and opinions, but the facts are present. Women are not objects, women are human. Men are human. In today’s society and within previous generations, a negative mindset has been passed down that men are superior, men are above all. What society must do is flip the mindset and become more educated of the ignorance that has been perpetuated for so long now. When we do, equality will become an attainable goal.

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