Analysis Of The Article ' Trouble With The Super Rich ' By Barbara Ehrenreich

Analysis Of The Article ' Trouble With The Super Rich ' By Barbara Ehrenreich

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Is America going to collapse due to our economic inequality? During the second major industrialization, extreme wealth hit America and monopolies were born in the business world as well as more defined classes based on wealth. Robber barons like Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Rockefeller held a new kind of wealth, owning industries while the workers under them lived in the slums of the city. Modern day America has founded laws against monopolies and such, but we are seeing the three standard American classes of wealth, upper, middle and lower, change. The upper class becoming wealthier, the middle class disappearing and joining the ever growing lower class. The article “Trouble with the Super-Rich” by Barbara Ehrenreich brings to front the problem of having only two classes, how the rich maintains their ever increasing wealth, and the proposition that an egalitarian society is best.
Ehrenreich’s article focuses on the disadvantages to America’s economy with the top 1% being extremely wealthy and the bottom 80% experiencing poverty with a diminishing middle class. Year’s ago, mention of this widening gap between the privileged and the struggling was considered “Marxist”, but now the facts are too evident to be blamed on a belief. The richer continue to get richer and the poorer get poorer; due to the fact that, the wealthy pay the labor working majority unfair wages. Ironically, this “supreme” group makes their fortune because of these under paid people. For example, Walmart a low paying corporation owned by the wealthiest family in America. As previously stated, the success of the upper class is at the expense of the lower class and we see this in more ways then one: late fees and rates are collected by the rich, Realestate is bought ...

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...1% or breaking down social barriers (Sutter). Raising the minimum wage could also be beneficial; considering the profit of corporations is at a high, while the labor force is experiencing low income (Sutter). Considering most laborers are paid $7.25 an hour, unlike sports players, like Roger Clemens, who make “…$10,000 for every pitch he throws” (Ehrenreich). Ehrenreich believes everyone being equal with no classes would benefit America the most; on the contrary, America is a land filled with opportunity and making your own success. If America were to lose that its’ moto of opportunity would be propaganda. With this being said, America does need to seal up the large gap between the rich and the poor and strengthen its middle class, and the rich shouldn 't achieve greatness at the poor people’s expense. Will America solve this problem or fall in the footsteps of Rome?

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