Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' This Is Water '

Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' This Is Water '

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In the article” This is Water” Wallance tells a story about two young fish. His article tells the reality of the person’s life who is struggling with routine work. When I start reading, I found everything related to my life or everyone’s life. If you realize how important yours idea and thoughts then you would always think positive in your life. The Appreciation, motivation and disciple are also important in everyone’s life. If you appreciate the other you have strong thoughts and ideas. You learn from your experience and mistakes you will achieve the goal in your life. Decision making is also very important because how decision will impact you whether in a negative or positive way. Wallance talks about the daily life and how people frustrated and stressed from their routine work. Most difficult time when we study at school, I was graduated at private school that was most difficult time for me, a lot of study stuff. When adults are frustrated from routine work they decide for suicide.
Wallance,” People who can adjust their natural setting here, an obvious question is how much of this work of adjusting our default-setting involves actual knowledge or intellect” (2). Think about our own ideas and thoughts are more important than others. Long frustrated and stressed day, brain stop thinking about the next day, need more aware, and then pay more attention. If People set their default setting their own way then some are managed people. Other people thoughts and ideas are not real as your own ideas. Mostly, I have problem then solve my own way according to my situation, because I know better my situation rather than others. I solve my problem according to my ideas and thoughts. I found when I get others idea, I never ac...

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...ork done before class, but on the other side students get frustrated and stress because of study burden. My aunty have a business, sometime I go with her for help, and I was always frustrated from customer when they gave hard time because some customers don’t know how to use used PIN entry device. Almost they all understand English.
In daily life there are lot of things happens which are good and bad. But never lose hope. Always do which is good for you. We are think positive then everything going positive. Always use own thoughts and ideas because we know our situation better than others. There are a lot of people who are not just think about the themselves, they think about for the community. They do some community services like in Indian culture they give free food to everyone. When start pay attention on any work, then result is always positive.

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