Analysis Of The Article ' The Globalization Of Eating Disorders ' By Susan Bordo

Analysis Of The Article ' The Globalization Of Eating Disorders ' By Susan Bordo

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Society has always been in the mindset of a white cis male, racist and sexist. In the article “The Globalization of Eating Disorders”, by Susan Bordo, talks about how the media portrays women in an impossible light and how women of color are overlook in eating disorders. The article “Saving the Life That Is Your Own: The Importance of Models in the Artist’s Life” by Alice Walker, talks about how women of color are overlook and not taken seriously in literature and how people need good models in life to do and become great things. They both have a common topic of that women of color are often over looked in literature and media and if women of color were truly portrayed in society then girls of all ages could really benefit from it.
In Walker’s article she starts off with giving an example of how Van Gogh had a lack of models in his life. She goes to say that for an artist or for anyone to not have models in life is very dangerous because a model can have a huge influence on someone’s life. She goes on to compare white writers and black writers and how they write stories differently and how stories written by white writers were more heard of then black writers. She says, as a black person, she couldn’t fully relate to the stories that were written from the point of view of a white person. Most works of that time were really sexist and racist and that’s why most stories, written by women of color, were not published. While working on her own story it was hard for her to find information related to her topic because most stories written by women of color were lost or covered up. While searching she came across a women named Zora Hurston who was black and had made a huge impact with collecting a lot of information on so many topics. ...

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...perfect. Many young black girls usually hate how curly their hair is so they try everything in their power to make it straight but if media showed a picture of a, black successful women that had curly hair and loved it, then it would show all the little girls that’s its ok to love your natural hair.
In Walker’s and Bordo’s essays they talk about the impossible ways females of different race are wrongly portrayed in media and how they are uncredited in literature. That if women had models like Walker or Bordo in media or literature to look at, rather than a picture of an impossible body shape, then women would love their bodies and cherish their smarts rather than trying to achieve a slim body. To fix this problem society has to get rid of the mind set of sexist and racist by teaching girls that its ok to be a different race, to be smart, to be big, to be themselves.

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