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In the article, the “tomboy” identities example was discussed in terms of how these girls’ purpose of playing to be a boy and possible illustration for early childhood teachers (Blaise & Taylor, 2012). Madison, the six years old girl provided her reason for acting as a “tomboy”, which was she felt like she was empowered and become more cable to do things (Blaise, 2005). This is due to the fact that without being perceived as a girl and expectation of she acting as a girl, Madison are provided with more options as she was playing to be boy so that she was considered to be a girl and a boy at the same time. For instance, she can wear clothes in boy’s style and she can wear girls’ clothes at any time if she wants to. Therefore, Madison was provided with more privilege and benefits that for both boys and girls rather than just girls (Blaise & Taylor, 2012). As Holland and Harpin (2015, 2013) suggested, girls who are acting as tomboy do not align with boys essentially, while they put themselves in the position of the opposite side to normative femininity. However, gender equity would not make more progress if “tomboy” behaviour is still within by heterosexual matrix, as the relations between genders have not been reversed (Blaise & Taylor, 2012).

Finally, in the article, Combating Gender Disparity in Education: Guidelines for Early Childhood Educators, has provided guidelines for early childhood teachers to address gender inequity and create a non-biased environment for children in the centre (Evans, 1998). Evans (1998) has offered suggestions to counter gender inequity in terms of providing non-biased literature, non-biased play and non-biased curriculum. What I have learned the most is to set up a fair dramatic play area for child...

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...three and four are selected to see how these issues could be further understood and how to combat gender inequity in a child care centre. Article three has introduced the new theory about gender which is the queer theory, has helped early childhood teachers to develop their queer eye to understand the gender issue and therefore educate children with the open perspectives. Article four has provided suggestions for early childhood practitioners to create a gender-fairness environment for children and have effective communication with families towards curriculum of gender equity. As early childhood is very important period for children to develop their gender awareness and explore their gender identities, parents and early childhood teachers should work together to provide possible best support for children to have the positive attitude toward gender issue.

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