Analysis Of The Article ' Stretching Facts On Syrian Refugees ' By D ' Angelo Gore

Analysis Of The Article ' Stretching Facts On Syrian Refugees ' By D ' Angelo Gore

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By remaining objective, writers are able to provide facts for their audience without swaying their opinions. In the article “Stretching Facts on Syrian Refugees,” D’Angelo Gore and his fellow authors explore the misconceptions that many politicians have regarding the situation with the Syrian refugees. Throughout the article, the authors prove their claim by focusing solely on providing facts and demographics about the refugees. Gore and his fellow authors do not offer their own opinions or political affiliations. Objectivity is also shown through their respectful yet detached tone of their argument. The article is objective in proving that the Republican candidates stretched the facts to justify their policy position because they provide no comment on whether or not the U.S. should accept or reject refugees, they do not show partisanship, and they maintain a respectful yet detached tone.
The purpose of the article is to correct the presidential candidates about how many Syrian refugees have been accepted into the United States so far as well as correct the stereotypes associated with these refugees. The first sentence of the article says, “Two Republican presidential candidates who oppose President Obama’s plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees stretched the facts to support their policy position” (Gore). By starting the article with their straightforward claim, the authors allow the audience to understand their purpose in writing the article. The authors remain objective throughout the article by providing facts that prove the candidate’s wrong. However, Gore and his fellow authors do not offer any opinion on whether or not the U.S. should accept or reject refugees from Syria. When mentioning Ben Carson’s stance on accepting re...

... middle of paper ... the authors’ respectful contradiction of the candidate’s claims and appearing detached, the audience is able to recognize the objective claims that are present within the article.
The article achieves its purpose of being objective through its use of straightforward claims, appearing neutral, and maintaining a respectful yet detached tone. Throughout the article, the authors remain neutral on both the refugee debate as well as their political affiliations. The tone of the article also shows objectivity because the authors respect both candidates and do not try to sway the audience’s views on certain issues. The authors achieve objectivity because they are able to prove their claim through the evidence provided in the article. By appearing objective, the authors allow for the audience to get a variety of different perspectives on the Syrian refugee situation.

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