Analysis Of The Article ' Sommet Leader Brian Whitfield Sentenced On 20 Years '

Analysis Of The Article ' Sommet Leader Brian Whitfield Sentenced On 20 Years '

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State the title of the article, the name of the publication in which it appeared and the date of publication.

The article I have chosen titled “Sommet leader Brian Whitfield sentenced to 20 years” was published by The Tennessean on June 8, 2015.

Provide a summary of the news story, with emphasis on the facts.

A previous leader of The Sommet Group, Brian Whitfield, was accused and found guilty after a plea of not guilty to stealing money from clients and the government in the amount of $20 million. The IRS believed the estimated money stolen was upwards of $22 million. The federal prosecutor claimed and proved Whitfield had stolen and then used money for his own personal expenses. Although, the case originally indicted Whitfield’s ex-wife, Marsha Whitfield, and her father, Edwin Todd, both accepted plea deals. Federal court judge, Todd Campbell, was presented with several of the victims’ testimonials on how fraud committed against them due to Whitfield’s actions had since and continues to affect their daily lives before he delivered the sentence. Brian Whitfield was held accountable for 14 guilty counts of fraud. Whitfield was sentenced to 20 years at a Southeastern prison.

Part 2, What Kind of Case Is It?

(2 points) Public or private?

This is a public case.

(2 points) State court or federal court?

The case was handled in the federal court.

(2 points) What information in the article do you rely on to determine whether it is state or federal court?

The information given in the article reveals the case and charges were filed by the federal prosecutor. A federal jury found him guilty. This clearly identifies the case as public and having taken place in a federal court.

Part 3, Jurisdiction:

(3 points) E...

... middle of paper ...

... sympathetic by the lessened prison sentence and location of where the sentence was to be carried out. He agreed to allow Whitfield to serve his time in a prison close to where his children reside to allow them the opportunity to maintain a relationship through visitation. A different judge may have decided on a more lengthy prison sentence. This particular judge took into consideration when deciding Whitfield’s sentence the financial situation of the defendant’s family which could be argued by the victims whose own families were put in a difficult financial situation as unfair and not sufficient. In my opinion the 20 years the defendant will serve is time that can be used by those affected by his actions to recoup the financial losses that occurred.

Quality of Submission:

No answer required here.

(4 points) Appearance of submission is appropriate for

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