Analysis Of The Article ' Selling The Wind ' Essay

Analysis Of The Article ' Selling The Wind ' Essay

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With concern over global warming growing, people are starting to turn a more serious eye toward cleaner sources of energy. Instead of solar power making a comeback as the ideal form, we are seeing a growth in the use of wind power. Wind farms are beginning to crop up all around the country. This new trend has gathered significant attention. Questions are being raised concerning the effects wind farms may have, from critics and supporters alike. Michelle Nijhuis, in the article “Selling the Wind” discusses the arguments on behalf of and in opposition to the increasing use of wind power, addressing what the consequences may be on the United States.
Nijhuis presents a series of detailed explanations that argue in favor of and against the development of wind farms. In the first portion of “Selling the Wind”, the positive aspects of new windmills are discussed. These include the history of windmills and their role concerning the survival in the immense plains that range from east of the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. The rise of the economic condition of those living around the wind farms along with the surge of investments from energy companies. Finally, the promising data relating to the amount of energy produced, and the consequences they will have on the environment. In the later and longer part of the article, the possible negative results or wind farms are brought up. Primarily, the points against wind farms have to do with the conservation of wildlife. This is separated into two sections, the first addresses the dangers wind turbines present to birds, the other on the dangers presented to bats.
When it comes to evidence this article is rich in detailed points that fairly represent both the reasons for and against t...

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...n proposes several seasons of observation for the areas a wind farm might be built, studies of wildlife in that area and planning for wind facilities on both a state and multi-state level (Nijhuis 371). As a general agreement, conservationists desire to help with the growth of wind farms, believing that to help wildlife they must ask the “right questions at the right times” (Nijhuis 371).
In simple words, when it comes to the development of wind-based energy, there are compelling reasons for and against. While some reasons may seem more compelling than others the newness of this trend makes proper analysis difficult. Additional research is needed to come to a conclusion on whether the benefits outweigh the costs. At this time, wind energy is our best option for clean energy. Until that belief can be disproven, wind farms will continue to pop up all over the country. 

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