Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Rushdie 's ' Imagine There 's No Heaven '

Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Rushdie 's ' Imagine There 's No Heaven '

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Author Akinfenwa Oluwaseun also has evidence in his article “The Role of Religion in Society…” that would effectively support claims and ideas made by Salman Rushdie in “Imagine There’s No Heaven.” In his article, Rushdie was questioning the causality of some gruesome things allowed through religious practices. He proposed, “…many unbearable things-female circumcision to name just one-can be excused on culturally specific grounds, and the universality of human rights, too, can be ignored?” (Rushdie 518). This was a very strong sentence in Rushdie’s work. He takes up a sarcastic tone in this sentence, by asking if human rights can also be ignored, and it would be just fine. Obviously, Rushdie believes ignoring basic human rights is not fine, but he wants to show to his readers how incredible it is that in some cultures, brutal acts like female circumcision are solely made possible on the grounds of religious practices. While it is, in a sense, a hyperbole since not all cultures practice such intense religious customs, there are still a select few who do. This is effective at showing how religion can make terrible things ethically and “morally” correct, despite in the right minds of a lot of people it wouldn’t actually be. On a similar subject, Oluwaseun was concluding his findings when studying cases in different areas of the world and said how he found that religions actually had a negative effect on societies. He concluded, “Religious theories have become negotiable at the intellectual market and consistently sold to the highest political bidder. These theories have become a radical material force” (Oluwaseun 16). Oluwaseun is using high diction to explain his conclusion of his findings. Using high diction appropriately shows tha...

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...rked as opium of the masses, essentially helping Rushdie 's argument that religion is harmful and holds us back. Again, with a different overall view on the subject, author Peter J. Wilkinson would effectively complicate Rushdie 's argument. Wilkinson performed a study of his own and, after analyzing the data he collected, found that believers and nonbelievers both experienced psychological benefits because of their strong beliefs when it came to coping with losses. This complicates Rushdie because overall Wilkinson 's article doesn’t help Rushdie 's argument, nor does it hurt his argument either. If there is one thing all these authors would agree on. it would be to be passionate, but open minded. All four of these authors mentioned or related to the fact that any belief is beneficial as long as the individual is not closed-minded to new ideas and world in general.

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