Analysis Of The Article ' Practical Tips Help Management Avoid Costly Preventable Employee Lawsuits '

Analysis Of The Article ' Practical Tips Help Management Avoid Costly Preventable Employee Lawsuits '

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Victor Lipman, (2014) the author of the article “Practical tips to help management avoid costly preventable employee lawsuits” and a contributor of Forbes, sets forth four valuable tips for present and prospective managers who are likely to face employee-related issues. The issue spotlighted by Lipman is a substantial amount of punitive loss arising from improper dealings with employees who are in grief and litigious. A practical case raised by Victor Lipman is the lawsuit contributing to million dollars of fine – that is certainly not pretty. Before the fire becomes out of control, Lipman points out that appropriate HR practices should be implemented in order to resolve these issues in a peaceful way. As a matter of fact, a HR manager is able to see the sparks that may result in blaze. The lawsuit is described as the final link in a long contentious chain of management-employee relations. To break the chain, four practical suggestions are proposed.
First of all, training programs are of great importance in cultivating a mangers’ awareness of employment relationship. Through training and retraining, a sharp observation can be cultivated, and it enables a manager to adopt precautious strategies so that risks stemming from an unfair treatment can be mitigated.
A second suggestion is to perform documenting work on a regular basis. Records of previous employment relation encounters constitute a mirror through which a manager is capable of distilling the valuables aiding to their HR work. Either good or bad experiences provide insightful information that is a great underpinning to maintain a healthful workplace.
Seeing the symptoms of a syndrome plays a crucial part in shaping HR decisions. Interestingly described, managers are lia...

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...loyment relations. As Lipman stated, the inability to deal with litigious employees will result in lawsuits which subsequently contribute to punitive damages. Contrastingly, approaching to HR professionals for proficient HR advice allows a manager to handle his or her subordinates’ emotions in a more effective manner thereby creating a harmonious working environment.
In conclusion, Lipman’s article provides insightful information into preventing employee lawsuits so as to avoid substantial damage. Based on the discussion above, Lipman sets forth four critical principles to stop the detonation of the minefields. Revolving around these principles, the discussion also illustrates the importance of providing non-monetary rewards to address employee benefits. As long as the company members’ satisfaction can be upheld at a high level, the lawsuits can be easily avoided.

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